About Campbell Minister Interior Designer
About Campbell Minister Design

Campbell Minister Design (CMD) is a boutique, referral-led decorating firm.

Campbell started her firm in 2017 while taking courses in interior design. She dove headfirst into a new build construction project, forcing her to become intensely focused on project management. Fast forward five years later and Campbell can be found leading a team of designers, operational support, and tradespeople to bring her clients’ vision to life.

Campbell acts on behalf of her clients at every step of the design process, caring for their home as if it was her own. She leverages strong working relationships with trusted vendors to execute each client’s vision.

As the daughter of a serial decorator, artist, and antique shop owner, Campbell has an innate sense of style and an eye for good design. Merging this background along with degrees in communication, education, and art history, Campbell uses these skills to successfully turn clients’ design ideas into gorgeously real spaces.

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